New Favorites: Vaguely ’70s sweater vests

vaguely '70s cable vest knitting patterns

My perpetual low-grade ’70s addiction was fueled over the weekend by a partial viewing of “Love Story” while waiting out an unfortunate hangover. (Such a terrible movie, but I will never tire of looking at Ali MacGraw’s clothes.) On top of which, that Acer cardigan is fueling my cable-sweater-knitting fixation. So with the weather getting (somewhat) warmer, that leads me to … yep.

LEFT: Splitstone by Alicia Plummer

RIGHT: Macallan by Thea Colman


9 thoughts on “New Favorites: Vaguely ’70s sweater vests

  1. For a very long time, I have wanted to purchase Kristen Kapur’s Wood Hollow vest pattern. Check it out; it fits right in with your two.

  2. I know I always say, “Oh, my god,” and go on about something that we are on the same wavelength about, but…Oh, my god. I just arrived at my mother’s last night for a visit during spring break. I brought “Love Story” WITH me, so that my sister and I could watch it. I told her the exact same thing: “Such a terrible movie, but I am still in love with her clothes.” We all made my grandmother make us one of those hats. And that year I bought all skirts/tights/sweater looks for my “school clothes.”

  3. Since you love the cabled Cardi, you might look at Mission Falls “Simple” pattern book I have made the Bay Cardigan a couple of times. It’s very vintage looking and the nubby cotton makes it even more awesome. The cotton will stretch out but toss in the washing machine and its clean and has tighten up again. If that could only happen to me.

    • I’m a perpetual lover of every kind of vest — have a closet full of them, knitted and otherwise. At the moment, I’m wearing this weird vest that seems to have been simultaneously inspired by a trench coat and an art smock. Khaki with black trim and big patch pockets. I’m mulling a knitwear version of it …

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