Sunday with sheep

petaluma sheep farm visit

We had a little Sunday adventure I thought I’d share the pics from — with apologies to those who already saw these on Instagram. We went up to Petaluma (in Sonoma County) to see our beloved friend Doug, who has spent the past few years in Uganda with the Peace Corps. He wanted to show us around the farm he’s now living on, which held two layers of extra appeal for me: sheep (including lambs!) and the house from the novel Divisadero, which, it turns out not only exists but is where Michael Ondaatje routinely comes to write. It was a slightly surreal experience hiking up to the house — in a very remote spot — and seeing the prayer flags and the deck (with tub!), which I’d seen so vividly in my mind. But obviously the lambs, Daphne, Dixie and Celeste, were the highlight of the tour. I don’t know whether that’s Daphne or Dixie in the portrait up top, but omigod I want her.

Want to see her again? Me too:

petaluma lamb portrait

7 thoughts on “Sunday with sheep

  1. What a fantastic day, Karen. I would have loved this. The little guy is simply adorable (and a great way to start Monday morning) :)

  2. Ahh such sweet sheep! You have amazing friends, it’s a privilege to meet them along the way.

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