FO Sightings: Thea Colman’s no big deal

thea colman's blizzard mitts

What did you do during the blizzard, Northeasterners? Thea Colman (aka BabyCocktails) was “playing around” and cranked out these gorgeous fair isle mitts. But I needn’t be quite so jealous — she says a pattern will follow.

(Guess I better fire up that YouTube video the lovely Nicole pointed me to since I’m already running color scenarios in my mind.)


11 thoughts on “FO Sightings: Thea Colman’s no big deal

      • NO- I’m making it in a very similar color to the one in the picture- icy gray/blue. (Let me know if you want the pattern! I’m sure you could whip it up during your lunch or something.)

  1. Oohhh, I recognized the beautiful Plucky Knitter yarn immediately! The best yellow I believe I have ever seen.

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    I scrolled through my WordPress Reader just now, and when I got to the thumbnail of this picture, I said, out loud: “What the hell?” Those are the only words I had because … well, just look. Amazing. (via the always with the goodness Fringe Association)

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