Snow’s silver lining: spectacular mittens

best new mittens knitting patterns

Sometimes I forget that mittens exist outside of storybooks. In my head, they belong to those picturesque, all-white, deep-winter wonderlands — which are (thankfully) totally foreign to my existence. But the nightly news the past few days, along with my Instagram feed, have reminded me that the world is full of people who need, wear and knit mittens. And as it happens, there have been a lot of great patterns released lately. These six are almost enough to make me wish for a snow day —

1. Classic Mittens from the Purl Bee (free)

2. Icy Water by Muraka Mari (free)

3. Adiri by Julia Trice

4. Knoll by Michele Wang

5. Jagged Ridge by Kiyomi Burgin

6. Pinion by Véronik Avery


9 thoughts on “Snow’s silver lining: spectacular mittens

  1. No longer having a car, having moved from North America – the land of the personal vehicle – to London – where having a car is just a huge PITA – mitts are my new best friend.

    I have just been trolling for another mitten pattern with colourwork for more practice! Nice one!

    Heading over to Rav to check these out.

  2. Beautiful picks as always! I particularly love number 3 and number 5 (5 probably because of my having lived in the southwest for so many years and moving back to New Mexico a month ago!)

    • For me, a little bit of that Southwest motif goes a very long way, so these are sort of perfect in that regard. Just a touch of it! I’m really drawn to that charcoal and turquoise one.

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