New favorites: Wow ’em cowls

textured cowl knitting patterns mikan snood kilkenny

By the time you read this, I will have finished my State Street Cowl, and that makes me a little sad. Not only have I had a great time knitting it, but boy is it a crowd-pleaser. If you’re ever in need of some instant positive reinforcement, all you gotta do is show someone the State Street Cowl you’re knitting. (Or, y’know, post a photo of a beer on Instagram.) Anyway, I’m in jeopardy of knitting a whole bunch of them — as opposed to continuing to explore new patterns and skills and techniques — so I’m in search of something different yet equally enticing for my next portable project. These are strong contenders.

LEFT: Mikan Snood pattern designed by Kyoko Nakayoshi

RIGHT: Kilkenny Cowl, which happens to be another Pam Allen design

I’m also tempted to do Tante Ehm’s beautiful Milanese Loop in State Street proportions.


12 thoughts on “New favorites: Wow ’em cowls

  1. Ohh…Mikan is a bit different. Almost honeycomb-ish. I recently finished my first bulky cowlish knit. They are so addictive, aren’t they? Satisfying and FAST! Looking forward to seeing your purple State Street.

  2. Me too, I can’t wait to see your State Street cowl!

    Thank you! I just downloaded the Kilkenny pattern!! Just when I think I don’t need another cowl, well, I do! I’m in love with this pattern. Thanks for finding it for me ;)

  3. I’ll be making that Milanese Loop next, followed by the Mikan Snood. Both gorgeous patterns. You can never have too many cowls! I’ve just finished swatching for my Pomme De Pin cardigan so I think I’m gonna need something not too lacy to stop me from going insane. Looking forward to some more pics of your FO’s, keep ’em coming!

  4. A great selection. I really like the Mikan and would love to give to Milanese loop a go. I’ve just finished my basketweave cowl, but you can never have too many cowls, can you, especially in this icy weather!

  5. How could I possibly choose?? I love the apricot one pictured here but fear that color would not flatter. Carrie’s Yellow, which is just so pretty, may fall in that same category. Bird’s Egg and Delft would both be great, but I already have the other blue you made me. Seems like Leek might be the best choice. It is a pretty shade and would bring out the green of my eyes. Snap Pea is one of my absolute favorite colors but seems too bold for this pattern. What is your recommendation? I am clearly helpless.

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