New Favorites: Graphic garter-stitch blankets

graphic garter stitch blanket patterns purl bee jo sharp

Winter by the San Francisco Bay basically means it’s 58 degrees with (maybe) a chance of rain — and that happens only in brief (widely complained about) patches amidst mostly warmer days. But not this year. This year it’s been weeks of 50something days and frosty nights. And this new workspace of mine — being still all but empty, and having a concrete floor, an 11-foot ceiling, and one drafty glass wall — is cold. So I have got blankets on the brain. There are so many beautiful patterned-stitch blankets out there, but I’m fantasizing about being cross-legged on the couch, knitting garter without hardly looking, and having one of these geometric gems spread out over me as I go.

1. Jo Sharp’s K009 Mitred Blanket Vers 2

2. … and Vers 1

3. Purl Bee’s Super Easy Lap Blanket (free)

4. … and Hudson Bay-Inspired Blanket (free)

For a little more of a challenge, and a good cause, there’s also Kay Gardiner’s Cornerstone Blanket, with proceeds going to help Hurricane Sandy victims.


14 thoughts on “New Favorites: Graphic garter-stitch blankets

  1. A lovely selection of blankets. And essential at the moment as it’s freezing here in Scotland. I really like number 2 and I’ve got the Purl Bee one on my list of things to do. By the way, I’m currently knitting the basketweave cowl – thanks so much for the pattern.
    I’ve enjoyed reading back through your blog. :)

  2. Here in the north of England, much like Donna who’s a bit further north to me, it’s usually either cold, or raining or both. Number 1 is just delicious.

  3. I’m of the mind that knitters should have a blanket on their needles every winter … after all, one can never have too many blankets. I’ve lost my mind and started the beekeeper’s quilt but have been itching to cast on a mitred square blanket, too.

  4. Love the Hudson’s Bay blanket. Glad they offer cheaper alternatives for the yarn in the comments, too.

    “How long would this take an 11-year-old to knit?” was one of the questions.

  5. I love those bright colored ones from Purl Bee. I’ve been meaning to use up some left yarn and make one of those, it would be a good mindlessly easy de-stash project.

  6. I keep thinking a brightly colored blanket would be a good way to get some color into my loft, but then I remember my success rate with things that are knit flat. So I just fantasize. I really want that top one the most — and maybe it would hold my interest.

  7. i have bins and bins of yarn of every color for garter stitch blankets. some of my favorites. and the cornerstone blanket is on my list. i have handspun yarn set aside for that one.

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