Triumph of the human spirit

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You guys, I think I did it. I’m categorizing myself as cautiously optimistic right now.

QA and troubleshooting (of very technical things) have been a huge part of my career. I’m a smart person. And this is yarn, not open-heart surgery. So I put on my big girl pants, went over to my friend Leigh’s studio, and worked through it. Leigh set out her Knitting Goddess, as she calls it — made and given to her by Piper Murakami — and fed me chocolate cupcakes. The only drink present was water. I knitted a small swatch with this I-cord treatment at each end, and I studied it — both on the needle and off — to see what the live stitches should look like. And then I took a deep breath and I ripped. Six rows.

At this point, it’s back on the needles, I’m breathing normally again, and I’ve knitted one right-side and one wrong-side row. Everything appears to be ok. I’m hoping that holds true as I forge ahead, and that it’s not a temporary illusion. But I felt compelled to post this addendum — the uplifting second act — as the final post of 2012.

Happy New Year! And thanks for all your support.


11 thoughts on “Triumph of the human spirit

  1. Happy new year Karen!! I can see you and I have both worked through some serious frogging dramas with our end of year projects… and won through! YAY for big girl pants – and a new knitting year!

  2. Whew!!!! ;) If anyone was going to figure this out, it was going to be you. What a relief. Congratulations!

    Happy New Year, Karen!

  3. I love how you describe the patience, care, and breathing you did while slowly reworking this section. Great lessons learned, my friend!

  4. congrats! I love that knitting goddess :) BTW I got the tote & postcard & love them. (blogged the other day if you didn’t catch it) Thank you so much! The tote is already full of yarny goodness.

  5. Thanks, everybody. I’m hoping for some quality time with it this afternoon. (After today’s Extreme Studio Makeover chores are done.) I hope you’re all having a pleasant day!

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