Cirilia Rose, evil temptress

harpa scarf pattern by cirilia rose

In all honesty, my never having done any colorwork knitting has at least as much to do with my being a minimalist as with the technical challenge of it. If you look in my closet, you simply won’t find a lot of color or pattern. But I’m not totally averse to it — I do own a few patterned things (mostly camo, but still!), and I’ve always assumed sooner or later some knitwear design would come along that would tempt me to try colorwork. That design might be Cirilia Rose’s new scarf, Harpa, which she’s wearing in the photos above. (Of course, I’m picturing it in black and white or tonal neutrals.) In addition to the wonderful tile-like geometry of the stitch pattern, the scarf is a tube, knit in the round, which I suspect would make it a better candidate for a first colorwork project than one that’s worked from both sides. Am I right? Anyone know a particularly great online video/tutorial?


7 thoughts on “Cirilia Rose, evil temptress

  1. Colourwork kinda scares me (I would grade myself as an ‘advanced beginner’) but it’s somehing I’d love to try. I think this pattern would look lovely in the Sincere Sheep Equity yarn Undyed and Lemonhead colourways in your webshop!

  2. It might lend itself well to double knitting, for which I have found a couple of useful and helpful tutorials on YouTube.

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