It’s alive! And its name is Fringe Supply Co.

fringe supply co. — nice things for knitters

Johanna and I — and our helpers and collaborators — have only been working on this holiday pop-up shop and collection for a matter of weeks, and yet it feels like I’ve been waiting FOREVER to say “We did it! We’re open!” It is Fringe Supply Co. — Nice things for yarn people. While we’ve both run online businesses before, we’ve never done a pop-up, and it’s been a ton of fun. And boy, I hope you love it. Please let us know what you think.

We’ve got limited quantities of most items, and we’ll be open through December 15th or until we run out of all our nice things, whichever comes first!


19 thoughts on “It’s alive! And its name is Fringe Supply Co.

  1. Thanks, everybody! And thanks a million for the retweet, Bristol. So crazy to see it real and working.

    (Anyone who pins any of those images, I’ll be your best friend for life.)

  2. Ooh! I’m going to Pin it. Your site looks wonderful, Karen! (You may remember me as Starling, but DG will tell you I’m just imaginary.)

  3. Um, about a week ago, I tweeted about my frustration with finding a project bag that was practical and not ugly and lo and behold, you guys came up with THE PERFECT BAG! The universe was listening!

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