Happy Thanksgiving! And some big news

Hey, happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate! And happy Thursday to everyone else!

It’s a real treat for me to be able to show you that aforementioned beauty shot of our upcoming project bag. That’s it up there in full view — a red one hanging from my forearm and a blue one in my hand. But wait, what’s all that other stuff? Well, in addition to the bag, we’ve got a few other things up our sleeve — some we’ve designed and produced ourselves, others from friends or companies we admire — all of which we believe will enhance your knitting life. And in about a week, we’ll be making it all available in an online pop-up shop for the holidays. This is part of what’s been eating up my precious knitting time the past few weeks, but it’s totally worth it. I’ve always dreamed of having a perfect little shop, and while this one will only exist online and for a limited time, I couldn’t be more excited to throw open the (virtual) doors and show you what we’ve put together for you. We’ll be open sometime next week, so watch this space!

Special thanks to Johanna La Fleur, my partner in all this. And to my friend and frequent collaborator Michele Lee Willson, who shot all of the beautiful photos for us.


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