New Favorites: Rubble (and Big Rubble)

rubble sweater knitting pattern

It might be a little weird how often I see a kids’ sweater and immediately respond that I want it in my size. One in particular that I keep going back to is Rubble, designed by Alison Brookbanks. Part of it is just that the photos are adorable — I mean, how chic is that kid? But it’s really sort of a perfect big, wear everywhere always turtleneck. Slouchy but not chunky. The thing is, I hadn’t heard of it until a couple of months ago and, ironically, what brought it to my attention was the release of the adult version, Big Rubble, which Brookbanks unsurprisingly had a lot of requests for.

big rubble sweater knitting pattern

More kids’ sweaters I want in my size here, here and here.


7 thoughts on “New Favorites: Rubble (and Big Rubble)

  1. Ok…added to the list…perfect for Button and me for days hunting Gruffaloes! ;-) Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Love! I had seen the little one but didn’t know a big version had been released yet. I wonder if my Starcroft Nash Island Light would swatch up for this…!

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