Things that make me want to embroider

embroidered toast judith klausner

Hard to believe I started working on this post shortly after Things that make me want to crochet — last January! — but I get hung up every time I try to do it. There are just way too many amazingly cool instances of embroidery out there. So I had a little talk with myself, and we agreed that I would get through it by just picking a few, with the understanding that this is likely the first of multiple roundups under this heading. I mean …

above: Embroidered toast by Judith G. Klausner (don’t miss her Oreo Cameos while you’re there)

below left: Bags from Plastic Bag as Humble Present by Josh Blackwell

below right: Smallest Forest just using up leftover thread, no big deal

embroidered plastic bags and color grid

2 thoughts on “Things that make me want to embroider

  1. I’m going to try a stitch project I found on Pinterest- stitching the subway system on canvas. I love those Max Colby works.

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