Blog Crush: Cathy of California

cathy of california blog crush

I know I’ve mentioned Cathy of California a time or two before, but she really warrants an official Blog Crush. Cathy Callahan is a vintage-crafts buff in Southern California with an apparently amazing collection of mid-century craft and fiber-arts books, which she shares images from. The blog is really that simple. Posts tend to be occasional and brief, but I experience every single one of them as a little burst of inspiration. I have her own book (“Vintage Craft Workshop”) on my wishlist, and I recently discovered that we have at least one mutual friend, so maybe I’ll wrangle an introduction one of these days. Meanwhile, I’m a devout fan.


3 thoughts on “Blog Crush: Cathy of California

  1. I’m happy to introduce you to Cathy. She’s terrific. Come with me to Renegade this December and if she’s there, I’ll introduce you.

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