FO Sightings: Kent Turman’s impeccable headwear

kent turman knitted hats berets

I make it a habit to show other people’s design and modification work here in various contexts, but I’ve been wanting a routine way to simply highlight the beautifully made Finished Objects of others. So today I’m kicking off a new little recurring item called (unoriginally, I’m sure) FO Sightings. And I’m happy to have Kent Turman’s permission to start with some of his recent, spectacular hats.

Clockwise from top left, they are:

R S F  knitted in Rowan Scottish Tweed // pattern is “Felted Shetland Beret” by Churchmouse Yarns, to which Kent added a silk I-cord edge after having felted and blocked the hat

C E M knitted in Cascade Yarns Eco Cloud // pattern is “Mock Rib Watch Cap” by Tanis Gray, to which Kent added a little extra polish by doubling the brim

C 2 M knitted in Cascade 220 Heathers // pattern is Moss Stitch Beret by Kent

R C C knitted in Rowan Cocoon // pattern is also Kent’s own (unavailable! dammit), my personal favorite, which Kent describes as “Simple I-cord earflap hat w/ twisted rib brim and Yeti buttons” — I want it!

Don’t ask me what his project names mean. I’m sure there’s an intriguing system at work, but I didn’t want to pry.


If you’re on Ravelry (and if not, why not?), be sure to friend Kent and follow his work.

9 thoughts on “FO Sightings: Kent Turman’s impeccable headwear

  1. These. Are GREAT!! Thank you so much for all the links, they’re much appreciated. I’m not even going to try to pick a favorite out of these….what great designs.

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  5. Love your blog (only just found it mid 2016 and have been binge reading during nightfeeds with teething baby…) You are inspiring me to branch out morecthan scarves, hats and child vests. I really will attempt a jumper (that’s Aussie for ‘sweater’) for myself soon. Just need more knitting time ;)

    I think his code is Yarn brand, Yarn style, Pattern name. So, C E M C-ascade E-co M-ock rib…

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