Transformative mods: Sleeves, a hood (and then some) for Estes

meganimal's fancy pants jacket

One of the knitters I admire most goes by the name of Meganimal on Ravelry. (You’ve seen her “Droguerie Rip-off” here before.) She does a remarkable job of inventing and modifying designs, especially sweaters. I was blown away by her improvised ivory-aran Cloudbusting cardigan last week, and then on Sunday I saw the photos above, of another cardigan which she has dubbed her Fancy Pants Jacket. This cardigan started from a vest pattern called Estes, and if you click through to her project page, you’ll see her characteristically thorough, methodical and generous notes about what steps she took. In this case, she added sleeves and a hood, lengthened it and added a button band, but she also changed subtle details like the pocket edging and placement.

So inspirational. Not to mention darling.


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