Homages to the homage to the square

josef albers homage to the square

I’ve been a little more color-happy this summer than … possibly ever. So before I inevitably begin to slide back into my neutral comfort zone, as fall squeezes out summer, I wanted to call your attention to these two projects. Both are inspired by the late, great Josef Albers and his Homage to the Square series of color-study paintings.

albers cowl and color theory coasters

LEFT: The Albers Cowl, designed by Ann Weaver, is a variation on the traditional log cabin square. (The version pictured was knitted by Craftivore.) Pattern at Ravelry.

RIGHT: The Color Theory Coasters are by Diana Rupp and are included in her book “Embroider Everything Workshop.” It’s just plastic canvas, tapestry wool, and a felt backing. And there’s a full-on video tutorial at Design*Sponge.


3 thoughts on “Homages to the homage to the square

  1. Okay, you may have introduced me to Clotheshorse Magazine (I should find a way to track my inspirations), but if you didn’t, nor are you aware of it, they just sent an email today about their Colourblock collection.

    • I am aware of it but probably didn’t alert you to it. I’m not on their mailing list so thanks for the heads up — I’ll go check out the collection.

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