Knitting in miniature

mfpp terri kruse kids' sweaters

One of my very favorite people is giving birth soon, so I have an opportunity to do some baby knitting. I’ve been looking high and low for exactly the right pattern, and meanwhlie came across these adorable children’s sweaters, designed by Terri Kruse for the Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project. I want that boy’s sweater in my size, please.

Babywise, I’d really like the pattern for these darling hats at French Press Knits. And this is also adorable, but for a little bit bigger head. Got any favorite newborn patterns you’d like to point me to?


7 thoughts on “Knitting in miniature

  1. I just gave a Sweet and Simple Baby Hat and Garter Yoke Baby Cardi (both on Ravelry) as a gift. Both were super simple, pretty quick to finish and looked ADORABLE (if I do say so myself) when I wrapped them up to send away.

  2. Well, I’m catching up on your posts, and I started from your most recent- moving backwards. God knows you probably already finished something fabulous, but I think my most favorite baby item was I don’t have a picture of my finished project- I rarely do- but I really liked it. Looked pretty much like the original. I have made a bunch of Debbie Bliss baby things. I like her patterns.

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