My packing list

On my walk last night, I started into a new audiobook — Tana French’s “Faithful Place.” (I’m in love with this series.) It starts out with our protagonist, a detective, picking up his 9-year-old daughter for the weekend, and waiting for her to get her things together. She can’t find her horse; you know the routine. It got me thinking about that phenomenon of kids — who don’t actually need to pack anything — always having a selection of things they simply can’t go anywhere without. And I laughed at myself realizing that, all that day, some small part of the back of my brain had been fretting over what I would pack for the trip I leave on tomorrow. Not what clothes, mind you, but which yarny projects and corresponding supplies.

These are the toys that I won’t be leaving home without:

  • My cardigan-in-progress (which hasn’t been touched since that picture was taken)
  • My Weave-It
  • 2 skeins tobacco-colored Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky and some fat DPNs, for simulating those Humanoid mitts
  • A few skeins of yarn that are earmarked for assorted small projects, easy to do while surrounded by family members coming and going
  • A pile of remnant ends for screwing around with weaving
  • A big handful of needles and hooks, for whatever I might get into, plus attempting to teach my sister to crochet and/or knit

Plus Tana French on Audible, of course. (We need to talk about audiobooks sometime.) Plus I ordered a pair of potholder looms and had them delivered to my destination — fun for the whole family!


5 thoughts on “My packing list

  1. I always have to bring the current project and a new one, in case I finish the old one! (Not that I don’t always have multiple projects going at once.)

    • In theory, I should have been perfectly happy to just bring my sweater and be happy to have time to work on it. But I’m just not in love with the yarn (yet?), and even though it’s seamless, it’s not in the round, which tries my patience. So I had to have options!

  2. It’s like you read my mind! I’m about to embark on a two-week holiday and my “to pack” lists mainly consist of knitterly goodies.

    • Now that I’m at the airport, I’m feeling silly about how much yarn I brought. And I left the Weave-It out at the last second, so some of it doesn’t even make sense anymore. Oh well.

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