Scored a vintage Weave-It

vintage weave-it loom

Can you believe I’ve never bought anything from eBay before? It’s always seemed like such an exceptionally slippery slope — I figured my best bet was to just stay completely clear of it. My resolve on this issue has been unwavering. Then the other day I clicked a link somewhere and found myself on a listing for a vintage Weave-It in pristine condition — “America’s Most Popular Hand Loom,” no longer in production — and I didn’t give it a moment’s thought. I clicked the buy button and voilà.

vintage weave-it hand loom

5 thoughts on “Scored a vintage Weave-It

    • Except it has the fancy pin placements, which I can study and scale up to other sizes. It’s also small — maybe 5 inches. With the size and the handy-dandy box, it can go just about anywhere with me.

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