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akapana yarn

At lunchtime on Friday I made a mad dash to Petaluma for the Knitterly sidewalk sale. I didn’t actually expect to find anything good on the sidewalk, but they were also having buy-one-get-one on the full-priced stuff inside. So that’s the mission I was on. I wound up not even looking indoors because in under two minutes on that sidewalk I had picked up more than I could carry. I left with a heaping shopping bag full of yarn — 26 skeins! — plus three of those lovely Laurel Hill tunisian crochet hooks, for less than a hundred bucks.

There are 12 skeins of charcoal tweed and 10 black tweed (more than enough for two sweaters), both a yarn called Akapana, which I hadn’t seen before. The label said 65% baby llama, 35% merino, 10% “donegal,” which struck me as slightly puzzling but not enough to worry about. I didn’t realize until the next day that the donegal is a touch of acrylic and a touch of viscose. The yarn is perfectly gorgeous, so I’m hoping I don’t wind up regretting it. But at least I didn’t spend much on it if so …


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    • I’m really good at spending a hundred dollars. Sadly, I don’t normally get nearly that much yarn for my money.

      But we’ve got some joint yarn shopping coming up!

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