A spot of good news in a terrible week

april showers cowl meg strong

Awhile back, when Jo sent me that tangerine cowl, I mentioned that she had originally made me a pretty blue version and then promptly asked for it back. Can you imagine? It’s Meg‘s pattern, the April Showers Cowl, and Jo explained that Meg was planning to submit the pattern for inclusion in a book and wanted to photograph and send this one as the sample. Seeing as how I love Meg and want good things for her, I was happy to oblige — y’know, once I got over the indignation.

So I sent it. And she took these photos of it. And she shipped it off. And we waited. Time passed. I got a bonus orange version in the mail. More time passed. And then yesterday, the news: She’s in! And it’s not just any book. It’s the next installment in the wildly popular One-Skein Wonders series, which I believe will publish sometime next year.

Yay, Meg!


5 thoughts on “A spot of good news in a terrible week

  1. What incredible news … yes, well worth the wait! Sorry though that you’ve had a terrible week. ; (

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