New favorites: from Wool People 3

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You’ve seen the new Brooklyn Tweed collection, Wool People 3? Highest ratio yet of things I must knit. My favorites include (clockwise from top) the Boardwalk vest by Heide Kirrmeier, the Walpole slouchy seamless cardigan by Hannah Fettig, the Bayard striped beanie by Bristol Ivy, and the rectangular Ferrous wrap by Grace Anna Farrow. But the one that actually made me gasp a tiny bit is Cirilia Rose’s contribution, the Ticking stripe cowl:

ticking stripe cowl cirilia rose wool people 3

10 thoughts on “New favorites: from Wool People 3

  1. When I saw that Broadway vest yesterday I immediately thought of you!
    And, of course, the Ticking cowl is gonna’ be in everyone’s queue.
    I think they stepped up the bar on this issue.

  2. I was debating with myself about that decorative panel at the neck of the Boardwalk. I think I’d do it without that. But I love the shape of the garment, and the shape of the ribbing around the armholes. But I’m really intrigued by the construction of the Walpole cardigan, so bought that one first.

    Jennifer, which is your favorite?

  3. I’d love to hear what everyone else’s favorites are. I think Jo’s right that the Ticking cowl will be ubiquitous in no time flat, being so relatively simple and completely charming.

  4. Plus “Haru-Gasumi” is fun to say.

    I’m also really glad to see Jenny Gordy selling knitting patterns. I figured it was only a matter of time (since she sells both sewing patterns and knitted goods) and am glad to see it was those two hats. Maybe one of these days she’ll make her sock pattern available.

    I like that Auden tee a little bit more every time I look at the collection:

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