4 thoughts on “Jonesing

  1. Meg and I meet with other knitters in our area twice a month at a local coffee shop. A small but good group of people. We always have a good time and mostly mind out manners…..

    • It was good, mainly owing to the youngest member of the group: a 7-yr-old girl named Logan. She came bounding into the room and everyone lit up! She announced that she was going to make fingerless gloves, and ran off to find the right needles. While she was out of the room, J and I were informed that Logan had just finished her first knitting project, a cowl for her mother. (Who doesn’t knit.) So the store owner, Julie, taught her the long-tail cast-on, which she picked up right away, casting on 38 stitches. I was assuming these “gloves” would be garter stitch rectangles seamed along the edge. I was wrong — they’re ribbed rectangles seamed along the edge (3×1). So Julie proceeded to show Logan how to purl, and then led her through alternating between knits and purls for a few minutes, then showed her how to read her stitches. All of which she grasped very quickly. So by the end of the evening, she went from not knowing how to cast on or purl or read a pattern, to ribbing happily along, understanding both the pattern and the stitches in front of her. And she was entertaining the whole group with various stories the whole time! It was stunning. Then her mom came back to pick her up and off she went …

      I love her.

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