Handmade pine cones

crocheted pine cone by bluebellglen

I have a little thing for pine cones and wanted to share these handmade versions that have wandered in front of my eyeballs in the past few days. The pretty little crocheted version comes from Etsy. The leather version is from the brand new shop by the charming ladies of 3191 Miles Apart. Everything there sold out instantly, so we’ll have to work out how to make our own leather pine-cone key fobs. The tassel is really what makes it sing.

leather pine cone key fob by 3191 miles apart

6 thoughts on “Handmade pine cones

  1. I love pine cones! I’m REALLY amazed at how TINY the cones are for the giant redwood trees.

    • I know, and the variety is so amazing. Jo used to give me the most amazing, loooong, huge cones from one the trees in her California garden. Jo, were those off that giant palm that’s not technically a palm whose name is suddenly escaping me … ?

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