The Internet and inspiration

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Inspiration — or its opposite — seems to be the meme of the moment in blogland. Do “real” creatives need inspiration? Is the Internet more intimidating than inspiring? Too many to link. Even, more concretely, how do you get your knitting mojo back when inspiration abandons you? There are lots of good points being made and totally valid feelings expressed. And sure, there are people who spend more time amassing so-called inspiration on their blogs and pinboards (real and virtual) than creating anything themselves. Or who show off their successes and bury their failures. (Am I the only one who blogs about her failures?) But me, where knitting is concerned, my only inspiration-related problem is that the ideas come faster than I can act on them. All I need to do is glance at my Evernote or my Yarny Goodness board at Pinterest or my favorites at Ravelry and I’m flooded with ideas for shapes and textures. And I’m grateful for all the web-powered tools for finding and capturing it all. It may not always be this way, of course, but right now my only wish is that I could knit as fast as I can sketch.

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  1. Every now and then I feel the same way (ideas coming too fast and not being able to keep up). But that really forces me to edit and pick out the best. If I didn’t edit at all I’d have 20 OK shirts instead of 3-5 amazing ones (i’m mainly a sewer that knits on the side). :)

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