This is happening

classic raglan pullover work in progress

I’ve got armholes and a neck. Going into this, the only part that really worried me was the neck — picking up stitches around that curved edge. I’ve picked up stitches here and there, but either a lot of them on a straight edge or just a few around a thumb gusset. Nothing like sloping edges in a spot as visible as a neckline. So I decided early on that I wouldn’t leave that for last. (If I’m screwing it up, I don’t want to do it after a month of knitting the body and sleeves.) So last night I took a deep breath and did it. It’s pretty close to perfect on the easy parts, but a bit dodgy right where I knew it would be. Still, not bad for my first try!

I also left in a lifeline at the end of the raglan increase rounds, because I’m messing with the measurements beyond that point and may feasibly need to rip back. More about that some other time.

5 thoughts on “This is happening

  1. I’d say it’s terrific for your first try! Great job Karen! I am already loving this sweater…

  2. I think your neck looks great…..and the sweater too!!!
    As I said before that’s color is beautiful and you’re doing a great job.
    And to think you haven’t even been knitting a year. Most of us knit scarf after scarf before building up enough confidence to knit that first sweater.

    • You know, now that you mention it, I think yesterday (or maybe the day before?) would have been the 6-month anniversary of Meg starting me on that hat.

      One of these days I’m going to finish my first garter-stitch scarf.

  3. That sweater is fitting you amazingly! I foresee pockets? …and ditch that garter scarf, I can’t imagine it bringing you any joy at this stage in your knitterly journey.

    • I actually started one back in January because I think it’s funny I’ve never made one. Especially since I love garter stitch! But it will have a little twist …

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