Blog Crush: Ana Kras

ana kras bonbons hive lamp
Some of the best blogs make it hard to get a really good crush going because they’re posted to so rarely. I try not to fault Ana Kras — photographer, illustrator, and maker of such exquisite things as the fibery “Bonbons” and “Hive” lamp seen above — for being such a sporadic blogger, since the page on her site that is technically her blog is labeled “news.” She posts only when she has something to report. Also, there’s no RSS feed, so not only does she post rarely, there’s no way to be alerted when she does. It makes me sad. But the thing is: what’s there is so fantastic. I could visit once a week and be perfectly happy scrolling back through all the same images I saw the last time. I dare you not to fall into that rabbit hole right now.

Her most recent post highlights the fact that one of her lamps is hanging in the room that graces the cover of the current T Magazine. Which gives us a chance to talk about how UNFRICKINGBELIEVABLY cool that house is. Just watch this video. Xylophone dining tables! Secret bookshelf doorways! Musical stairs! And Ana Kras lights.

ana kras bonbons t magazine cover