When life gives you lemons

This didn’t go quite like I planned. Which is sort of the nature of winging it. When I showed you the in-progress version of what was supposed to be my Tunisian crochet capelet, I’d finished the Tunisian portion and was planning to add a wide band of ribbing around the bottom, inspired by the image on the bottom right in that inspiration roundup. It was going to be dreamy. But then I had to do a bit of guessing about how many stitches to pick up (what with all the variables involved) and picked up too many. Once I had knit a few inches, I transferred it all onto waste yarn so I could see what I had, and the too-wide ribbing was looking more like a ruffle, making the whole thing look like a particularly awful poncho. But I’d noticed all along that it makes a great mega-cowl. So I bound off — and honestly, I love it like this. With this Asana Bulky, the fabric is fairly thin and drapey but incredibly warm, and I love the proportions.

Of course, I’ll be trying the original idea again …


8 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons

  1. oh my gosh that’s gorgeous karen! i want one. ok i may have to graduate from my entry level Dolores Park cowl to this one next….snug. I just worry i’m running out of winter to wear these things….

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