Brightening things up

souled objects rag rugssouled objects rag rugs

If you know me at all, you know how much I love neutrals. My 7-year-old nephew even observed to me when he was here, “I mean, you have NO COLOR in your house!” (You’d never know I’ve done two books on using color in your home.) Same with my wardrobe: I often claim to have the world’s largest collection of heather grey sweaters. With knitting, I’ve been really striving to use something other than shades of grey and ivory, but I find them irresistible. And when I go to the yarn store and insist on color, I come home with moody blues and blue-purples — the safest shades in the rainbow. It’s sad, really. However, we’re in our third month or so of relentless 60something-and-sunny days here in Northern California, with exceptions that can be counted on one hand — including the much-needed rain coming down at the moment. (We’re all striving to remember that it’s not a thing to celebrate, drought.) Between all the lovely weather and an upcoming trip to Mexico, I’ve been actually craving color for a change! So forthwith, some inspiration.

knitted crazy quilt blanket
quince scarf pattern bonnie
indigo houndstooth potholders

1-3. Souled Objects hand-braided mats (via Green Eyed Monster and Pinterest)

4. Knitted version of a crazy quilt at Like a Butterfly in Your House, © Barbara Berrada

5. “Bonnie” pattern from upcoming Quince & Co. scarves collection

6. Indigo potholders on Garment House blog — I love that houndstooth pattern


One thought on “Brightening things up

  1. I remember many many years ago reading an interview with a interior designer. There were pictures of her/his house and everything was beige or white. When ask why they stated that after dealing with color choices for clients every day that they found that the beige/white was just what they needed to relax. That statement has always stuck with me and I have observed over the years that most designers have homes with a absence of color. And having been in your home I always found it inviting and relaxing!

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