Happy birthday, dear Jo-o …

knitting fetching fingerless gloves thumbholes

Dearest Jo —

Today I finally put the thumbs on your Fetching mitts. These took me forever because there was some kind of curse on me and/or the right mitt — kept having to redo it. In the end, I let a few tiny mistakes go, so please, as you’re examining my handiwork, just remember they were made with love!

It was my fervent wish to have them to you on your birthday, and instead I’ll only have them as far as the post office. So for now, you’ll just have to sleep with these photos under your pillow. I hope you’re having a birthday fit for a queen.

With love and graditude —


p.s. Yes, my fingernails are Geranium this week.

finished fetching mitts

4 thoughts on “Happy birthday, dear Jo-o …

  1. I can’t say what’s more lovely…the mitts or the fingernails!
    Can’t wait to get those mitts on my wrinkled hands.
    Thank you thank you
    And having a great b’day

  2. Just received the fabulous mitts! I do love them and they are so soft. And they are a perfect fit. Oh, I’m going to enjoy wearing them.
    Thank you for being so thoughtful!

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