New favorites: Loop stitch

loop stitch knitting

LEFT: Goodnight, Day at Summerland

RIGHT: Martha Stewart Living (Jan 2012)

Loop stitch — I’ve been cooking up a reason to try this one out. There’s a good video tutorial at Martha Stewart. Speaking of which, did you see the big knitting feature in the Jan issue? I’m eager to see them start fleshing this out.

12 thoughts on “New favorites: Loop stitch

  1. That collar is stunning. And SO you. Guess you found the pattern over on Ravelry. I can see you learning the stitch. It really doesn’t look that difficult…

  2. oh my gosh karen i LOVE this! A snuggly lamby thing.
    Thank GOD i have you to find all these great things. do you think it’s doable for a sloppy knitter like me???

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