4 thoughts on “Consumed by knitting

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  2. Hahaha! I missed this post, but I love it! Yes, consumed indeed :) I can totally understand and relate. This is fantastic!

  3. Karen, is this the very ‘first’ blog post? I love finding this as it encourages me to move forward, be it ever so slowly, with my desire to knit. I see your current projects and am so impressed with your incredible progress, the skill you’ve developed and I want this for me, my life, my future too. I’ve procrastinated ever starting to knit, thinking I just wasn’t going to be able to understand knitting and patterns, but have since practiced a few stitches in swatches, so I know I can. I love the notebook idea from another post; seems so common-sense and an imperative where keeping track is concerned.
    Looking forward to my first real project, but must finish a dress I’ve had in the works for several weeks now. ~mme.lyons

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