3 Lakesides + 2 Fens = 1 new wardrobe [2016 FOs No.14-18]

If you’re thinking it’s late for me to be getting serious about summer clothes, I would just like to let you know it’s approaching 7pm as I’m typing this and the heat index is still 100°. Summer here has decided to get much worse before it gets better. And besides, I’ve realized these are great […]

In defense of top-down sweaters

Here’s the thing. I’ve written before (albeit in somewhat sideways fashion) about why I believe in top-down knitting, despite its detractors; about how I think it’s the gateway drug to sweater knitting; and even how to solve the inherent problem of the lack of seams. (It’s all in this basted knitting post, if you haven’t […]

1-Question Interview: Julie Hoover in defense of seams

Once in awhile, I make a point of eating a food I think I don’t like, talking politics with a person whose views are the polar opposite of mine, letting someone point a camera at me. I try not to get locked into my opinions, habits or worldview, in other words. People are changeable creatures, […]