The outlook for 2015

The outlook for 2015

So we’ve talked about the top posts of 2014, my favorite New Favorites of the year, and my paltry but meaningful list of FOs. That leaves only the matter of the resolutions I made for 2014, which, um …

1. Knit less, crochet more. If I crocheted a single stitch this year, I don’t recall it.
2. Give it away. Sum total: one pair of mitts.
3. Specifically, knit my husband a sweater. Fail.
5. Publish more patterns, here and elsewhere. Sum total: zero.

But what about number 4, Continue to push myself? That one I feel pretty good about, although the new skills I tackled weren’t the ones I specified in that post. But I’m definitely knitting on a much higher level than I was a year ago. As evidence of this, I offer the fact that I’ve been knitting a cable sweater while watching a Netflix series that features a steady stream of subtitled Norwegian dialogue. My definition of “mindless knitting” now encompasses 40-row cable charts. Easily memorized, as cable charts go, but still — subtitles!

As for failing on the other four — in my defense, life and Fringe both took off in directions I couldn’t have predicted a year ago. The growth of Fringe Supply Co. is the absolute highlight of my year, but it left me with less knitting time, for sure. And then there’s the fact that Bob and I decided to move ourselves and Fringe from Berkeley to Nashville, an enormous undertaking, and one that derailed all sorts of other plans, not just my knitting list. The new Fringe HQ is a about twice the 200 square feet I had in CA, and my trusty shipping manager, DG, now works with me five days a week — and we’ve already outgrown this space and are looking for a new one. I have hopes of paying myself some semblance of a living wage this year, if not of having any more knitting time than in 2014. But that’s a pretty wonderful “problem” to have.

So my goal for this year is to choose wisely. I feel like I’ve gotten much better about picking projects and materials that are worthy of my precious making time. I want to make better, not more. And now that I have the space to do it, I want to really, truly sew. The biggest personal shift for me this year was the crystallization of a desire to know where my clothes come from, whether I’ve made them myself or bought them from small-batch producers. But most of all, I want to make them — to the extent that life will allow.

And I also have goals for the blog in 2015. There’s a roundtable idea I’ve been talking about for over a year that I vow to launch this year. And for those of you clamoring for more knitalongs, there’s another idea that’s gone from a simmer to a boil in the past few days, so expect an announcement about that very soon. It’s lovely that you guys apparently enjoy the sound of my voice, but I want to make sure you hear from others here even more than you have in the past — meaning more installments of Our Tools, Ourselves, the aforementioned roundtable, and more people writing about subjects that are beyond my skills and knowledge. I’m so grateful to everyone who contributed to making this blog what it’s been in 2014, most notably the Amanda panelists, who’ve so exceeded whatever I imagined when I first cooked that up.

It’s been such a pleasure to knit with you all, so here’s to much more of that in the new year!


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  1. Dear Karen,
    I look forward to reading your blog every day. Congrats on the big move and the success of Fringe!

  2. Your blog is inspiring for me because you connect what’s current with what’s practical. I love the “knit the look” feature, as well as the “someday v. right away” posts. I’ve participated in the Amanda KAL and agree that 40 rows of cables as ‘mindless knitting’ was unthinkable before now. I look forward to seeing what comes ahead in 2015!

  3. My wish this year is to do a KAL even if I can’t follow every week. I love taking classes but I am in a remote area where they are not available. Thank goodness for your blog and others to keep me inspired and moving on.

  4. My year should include buying less yarn, but knitting up some of what is in my stash (which is substantial). Business growth and determining how to develop a niche market is a challenge, and I’d love to work with other business people to brainstorm. Fiber niche too small, yarn a bit bigger…

    • I have the sense that I bought very little in 2014, but I might be fooling myself. I’ll aim to pay closer attention this year and see where I’m really at with it.

  5. Love your blog! My goals are to purchase my yarn wisely with focus on local, sustainable suppliers….thanks for inspiring me to do this as through you I discovered TOLT, YOTH and WOOLFUL! I would love to hear more from you about the small batch clothes producers or small businesses you recommend for clothing! Happy New Year!

  6. Cheers and Happy New Year! looking forward to more great posts and sharing a year of knitting and creating with you!

  7. I’m a huge fan of “Our tools, ourselves” and can’t wait for “more”. Over the years as my family has grown, I’ve found myself ousted from my workspace, more than once. These things happen but I’ve not rolled with it in a way that makes me happy and have never taken the time to properly organize my fiber gear. Your blog is the kick-in-the-pants I need to get at it posthaste and tidy up my mess. It might get worse before it gets better (in fact I’m sure it will) but I’m committed to the process and am so excited to have a clear head for more creative thinking after my tools are in order. Thank you Karen and happy new year!

  8. Thank you for a year of excellent reading, Karen! I watched the Amanda KAL from afar, and was so inspired to see everyone stretch themselves and learn new skills. Here’s to a new year of learning!

  9. Congrats on what you have accomplished this year, Karen. Pretty dang impressive on all fronts. Happy New Year and best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2015!

  10. Love it when I open my blog reader and there’s a post from fringe. I have definitely become more confident in what I am capable of knitting since I started reading your blog. I’ve always loved knitting, but never really knew how many nice patterns and yarns there are. Thank you for providing such great inspiration for my next projects!

    Hope you get everything you wish for in 2015!

  11. Karen,
    Congratulations on all your impressive accomplishments this year and the courage to take calculated risks in your life. Your blog is one of the highlights of my knitting life. I love the features and topics covered. I’m looking to 2015 with Fringe Association. And lots of Fringe shopping! Best wishes for a healthy, happy, and productive New Year.

  12. Thanks so much for your great blog and doing what you do. Love your aesthetic and the way you curate knitting experience. All the best for 2015 – looking forward to reading what comes next.

  13. A fringe fan from the Berkeley start….congrats on your amazing growth and success. Nashville is lucky to have you. Thanks for the knit the look, homegrown yarn reccommendations and links to trendier patterns. Carry on….

  14. My goal for 2015 is to use up my stash. I don’t normally allow myself to even have a stash, but I bought a ton (all with purpose!). I’m going to wait until August to start on the cardigans as I am trying the pregnancy weight. I hope dreaming of knitting/wearing the beautiful cardigans will keep me motivated. In the meantime I’ll be knitting up a lot of hats, scarves, mittens and socks. Can never have too many accessories!

  15. I have enjoyed your blog immensely, and you have inspired me in many ways. From a challenging knitting pattern (challenging to me anyway…The Acer) to trying some,of your products..and following all,of your cool links. It all started when Ann Shayne posted about your stitch markers and I bought some! Blessings tomyou as you start your adventures of 2015. ⭐️

  16. Karen, as you know, your blog, the resources you provide, Fringe products, and the connections you point towards are all central to my knitting development. I wasn’t ready for an Amanda last fall but I am watching for your new KAL eagerly. I participated in a yearlong sock KAL last year and became a confident sock knitter. Time for the next challenge. I find knitting is the creative outlet that makes it possible to handle my increasingly less-creative career. Thanks for showing me a way. (And seriously, what series has Norwegian subtitles?). K in Seattle

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