New Favorites: Offshore

New Favorites: Offshore

Swans Island released a little pattern collection a few weeks ago called The All American Collection, and I can’t get this Bristol Ivy pattern, Offshore, off my mind. Slouchy and unisex, it has some handsome cables up the front of a simple stockinette sweater, and another one running up one sleeve, across the saddle shoulder (love a saddle shoulder) and back down the other sleeve. It looks like a such an easy but engaging knit, and the slouchy, unisex, sweatshirt-y shape looks so perfectly cozy to me right now — great for weekdays and weekends alike.

See also: Oranmore.


p.s. In case you haven’t already seen it, I added a photo to the end of Thursday’s post about joining Amanda parts at the underarm — a spectacular photo of a just-joined Amanda. Go look!


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8 thoughts on “New Favorites: Offshore

  1. I really do love that, particularly the modern cable on a classic blueprint. Too bad slouchy, unisex, and crop are all terrible for the average female body. All three sweaters in the collection would only look good on tall, skinny women. So, I’ll appreciate it on the model from afar and carry on with my waist decreases and bust darts :)

  2. Let’s hear it for a bit slouchy! I have very wide hips and small shoulders so most sweaters look terrible on me. I love this as well as BT Hawser since it is aline. Anyone else know of good aline or slouchy sweater they would recommend?

  3. I came, I read, I’m in complete awe – Simone’s sweater is exquisite! Love a good boyfriend sweater…and this one is beautiful!

  4. I’ve had my eye on this one too! I do love the slouchy version on the model, but I think mine will have shaping – easy enough to add on the plain stockinette back and at the sides of the cable panel on the front.

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