WIP of the Week, week 3 (plus new buttons!)

WIP of the Week, week 3 (plus new buttons!)

Oh, you guys, it was SO HARD to pick a #fringeandfriendsknitalong WIP of the Week this week. I wish I had at least four prizes to give out, and I’m certain it’s going to keep getting harder every week. But in the end, I decided this week’s prize goes to Catherine Wendland, who goes by “wendlandcd” both on Instagram and on Ravelry. Catherine’s Amanda has become a Flat Stanley of sorts, and I’ve been enjoying seeing it at the hardware store and on a city bench and, in the case of the above photo, at what does appear to be a very lovely park. So Catherine, you’ve won a $150 gift certificate to the brand new Fancy Tiger Crafts online store! Please let me know how we can get in touch with you about redeeming your prize.

Congratulations to Catherine and to the wonderful Fancy Tiger ladies on the launch of their beautiful new site! (Make sure you update your bookmark or RSS for their blog, by the way.)

I want to make sure everyone knows how to see all of the amazing sweaters that are happening as part of this knitalong. Photos are mainly appearing at Instagram and Ravelry. If you’re in the Instagram app, you can search on the hashtag #fringeandfriendsknitalong. Otherwise, it’s been brought to my attention that there are third-party websites that will allow you to see hashtagged Instagram pics (since their own website does not), e.g. Websta. (It ain’t a pretty page, but at least you can see the pics.) And for Ravelry, you can see all of the tagged project pages right here. If you’re blogging about your WIP, please remember to link to it from the comments here!

Keep those photos comin’! There’s another awesome prize to be awarded next Friday.

. . .

NEW! Buttons worty of your handmade garments

In Fringe Supply Co. news, I have a bunch of buttons that have been patiently waiting for me to photograph and post them, so this week I picked out four varieties that happen to come in Amanda-appropriate sizes. I know none of us are anywhere near the buttonbands-and-buttons stage, but I love having buttons picked out in advance — it’s like the carrot on the end of that stick! Clockwise from top left, they are: concave cream bone, a beautiful tea-stained looking bone; soft concave corozo, in ivory, navy and black; concave horn disc in horn (obvs), bleached horn and extra-bleached horn; and narrow rim grommet corozo in navy, crimson, black and plum.

I’m thinking of pale buttons for my ivory Amanda, and am debating between the concave cream bone and the soft concave corozo in ivory, both of which would be gorgeous. But it would also be amazing with the contrast of the horn or the black with the gold grommets! Right? So many great choices.

And of course, lots of options there for all the other projects of the world, as well. I also received a few baskets this week — natural and patterned. And the cable needles are finally available in ebony again.

Have a stellar weekend everyone! I’m planning to get my clothes out of the suitcase finally, hopefully look for a couch, and then I shall KNIT!


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15 thoughts on “WIP of the Week, week 3 (plus new buttons!)

  1. oooh – love the buttons! trying to decide if (and which)one of them will work for my barn sweater! have to check size for that before I consider color…. lovely, lovely – thank you for bringing them to us, Karen! Will stare at them when I have more time this weekend!

  2. Yay–congratulations Catherine!

    I’ve been thinking about possible button options all week and the concave cream bone ones are a matchy matchy contender for my sweater.

  3. Ha! I saw Catherine’s photo last week of Amanda at the hardware store and thought it was so funny. This park looks like a great spot for knitting, too. Thank goodness knitting is so portable!


    Thanks for choosing me, Karen! What an honor. I have been totally on board with this knitalong since its first mention and have been loving it every step of the way! Having a group of people knit the same thing has been so so helpful – I’ve already learned so much between your blog posts and other instagrammers.

    I like to take my knitting with me everywhere – on the bus, waiting for the bus, in my purse while running errands… that way I can knit whenever I’m waiting around, doing nothing. :P

    I’m also so excited to win a Fancy Tiger Crafts gift card. I was at the Tolt Yarn and Wool pop-up shop at the Nordic Knitting Conference last weekend – they were selling the Heirloom Romney yarn from Fancy Tiger – I picked it up and smelled it and died and went to heaven. It’s like a field of flowers.

    Thanks again!!!


  5. Woohoo! Congratulations Catherine – your Amanda is looking beautiful! Thanks, Karen for the kind words and support!

    • SOOOO many great things to choose from in your store! My head is spinning trying to decide. Should I finally treat myself to a sweaters-worth of brooklyn tweed? or should I spend it on your heirloom romney wool because it’s oh-so-special and smells so good?? i think it’s going to take me a while to settle on something(s)!

  6. Everyone’s Amanda’s look beautiful! My comment is actually unrelated to this post however. I am a reader from Australia and had to ask Karen if she had ever seen the work of woolli woolli (aka Jo Nathan), from Deniliquin in Australia. I am drinking my morning coffee and just came across it. Am in knit heaven and would be queuing every one except – waaaah – I don’t believe it’s an option to buy patterns. Knitters are awesome!

  7. Love the “Flat Stanley” reference – I’m a school teacher and laughed right away. Great book for kids, and the sweater photos in different locations are gorgeous and inspiring. I’ve been posting on my blog, but have a had a very slow start. My own fault – misread the ‘start’ instructions for the chart – and had to rip back HALF of the back and start over. Green with envy at the other projects so far underway. Can’t wait to see next week’s photos!

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