Knit the Look: Mariska van der Zee’s EZ pullover

Knit the Look: Mariska's van der Zee's EZ pullover

Stretching the Knit the Look boundaries a little bit, I want to talk about this head shot of model Mariska van der Zee — or, more specifically, her sweater. Between the hair fiends, the fashion fiends and the knitting fiends, this photo was flying around Pinterest a few months ago, just about the time a big chunky sweater was beginning to be unthinkable. I don’t know who manufactured Mariska’s sweater, but the instant I saw it all I could think was how easy it would be to replicate. It’s Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Hurry-Up Last-Minute Sweater — a classic EZ recipe from her “Knitter’s Almanac” (what do you mean you don’t have it?!) — knitted in super bulky. It would be delicious in Purl Soho’s Super Soft Merino or Blue Sky Alpacas’ Bulky.


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  4. Bonjour, auriez vous les explications de ce magnifique modèle, en français…. Merci 😊

  5. Since it’s super bulky – any idea how many skeins it will take? EZ suggest 8 4 oz skeins of bulky….

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