New Favorites: A bit of mesh

New Favorites: A bit of mesh

I’m aware that it’s still snowing in some parts of the US, but it’s been spring here for 3 or 4 months and I know everyone else is ready for fewer layers and lighter clothes. This “winter” has actually been warmer than our “summer” typically is, so I have no idea what we’re in for this year. But with global weather no longer following traditional patterns, I’m into the idea of flex-weather sweaters such as these little mesh-patterned beauties. Above is the Zigzag Mesh Pullover by Carolyn Noyes for the new issue of Knit.Wear. I know: Purple chevrons, what is up? But I’d prefer this one in a neutral. Below is the Perkins Cove Pullover by Pam Allen, which is the same basic idea as that drop-stitch sweater of Iz’s that Meg made me a sleeveless version of, and that many of you have been clamoring for a pattern for! Here it’s done raglan-style in a finer gauge, in linen, and it is lovely lovely lovely.

New Favorites: A bit of mesh

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  1. Karen, thanks for these great photos! Other promotion of these new patterns have not done justice to the beauty of these fabircs … yours deserves kudos for helping sell these stunning new spring designs, for which I had been on the fence while deciding to purchase the publications…I just jumped on the “buy side!” Again, thanks, Carolyn in Macon ;-)

  2. You know, I was just out shopping last weekend and took an embarrassing number of photos with my phone of interesting mesh patterns in knit garments I saw. I normally don’t do that. :) Mesh must be on everyone’s brain!

  3. I am in for at least 3 of those linen patterns from Quince! And that purple one is divine~I’m with you on the neutral~but would love to get it on my needles! Maybe I like some “summer” knitting after all :)

  4. I’m madly obsessed with the diamond funnel neck sweater from that issue. It’s gorgeous enough to make me want to finally tackle a sweater for myself!

  5. The Zigzag Mess Pullover in that exact colour! I’m normally a neutrals person, except for good purples. That’s the only real colour in my wardrobe, and I love them.

  6. Have to agree! I bought the Perkins Cove pattern the minute the Quince email hit my inbox.

  7. looking forward to seeing the new knit.wear. magazine. and really want to try quince’s linen, i love the new patterns for it. and loved the title of your last post, brilliant!

    • Lori, have you knitted with linen before? I have myself convinced I don’t like linen sweaters (having had past ones twist on me) but have never had a handmade one, nor have I knitted with linen, so I’m super curious about it.

  8. I love, love, love linen! I went and bought some Louet linen from my LYS a few months back, and I’m hoping that will give me a good lesson in how it works, so maybe the Quince will be a real treat.Here, in Northern California, I just wish it would rain a bunch more.

  9. Love both of these patterns but REALLY fell in love with that Zig Zag Pullover. I started it today in a Hemlock colour. Thanks for sharing!

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