I feel a scarf obsession coming on

A.F. Vandevorst scarves

The past few years have been all about cowls. Cowl mania. A cowl is so practical — a scarf that stays put! No ends to get in your way, or blow off over your shoulder. And you know I love a giant pile of wool around my shoulders. But late last season, several striking scarf patterns caught my eye — from cables to colorwork to incredibly beautiful lace. And then over the summer the images of these A.F. Vandevorst scarves turned up on Pinterest (via The Empress of Dress) and oh my god. Swoon. Why did I never think of tying a scarf in back before? Probably because I never had one that was both massive and gossamer, like these appear to be. Not only does it look amazing, it solves the problem of the ends getting in your way or blowing off over your shoulder! In this case, they’ve styled them so they’re tied over the models’ faces, with hats pulled down over their eyes, creating the illusion that their heads are on backwards. But those of us not walking on fashion runways would simply skip that part.

This is all by way of saying you should be prepared for a lot of scarf chat this fall. I feel an obsession coming on.


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16 thoughts on “I feel a scarf obsession coming on

  1. ooohhhhhhhhh I am right there with you! I loveeeeeee scarf patterns. that seems to be allllll I want to do! maybe because it is something fairly fast and you can try out so many different stitches. there are just soooooo many options and lets face it! who doesn’t need a scarf?????

  2. I know what you mean, I love cowls, my shoulders are kept warm with lots of wool. But I too, have fallen back in love with a scarf.. I see a lot of scarves this winter

  3. Yes, that particular obsession is building here, too, as the get cooler. Yesterday I was wandering your posts before I discovered you and Ravelry for scarves and cowls. My mind is full…

  4. I fully support an abundance of scarf chat! I am also obsessed with the Vermeil scarf in Pom Pom Quarterly. Must. make. soon.

  5. I love the styling for that A.F. Vandevorst catwalk show! Talk about unique…though slightly disturbing with the facelessness of the models. Wow on the knits as well. Thanks for flagging that Karen!

  6. In the same boat here in the cowl vs. scarf choice. I made a couple of long plush scarves at the end of the season last year. One of my faves was Julie Hoover’s Doux. So simple and lux, it elevated my mood every time I wore it. She has some gorgeous new ones out right now…

  7. Karen – love your blog! What yarn and needle would you choose to re-create blue scarf? It looks like a pretty easy seed stitch to me? I’m looking for a recommendation on a scrumptious, fuzzy (but not too fuzzy) yarn.

    • Thank you, Elizabeth. I’m not sure what the stitch pattern is — it looks like it might be staggered k1/p1’s or maybe even brioche or something? There’s a tri-color one if you click through that looks like the same texture but I’m not exactly sure what’s going on. But seed stitch would certainly get you a similar effect. As far as yarn, I’m guessing something like a double-strand of a cobweb mohair knitted at a fairly loose gauge. I wish I could see those in person …

  8. I completely agree with you about long, wondrous scarves. I quite fancy knitting one up for myself. I love that blue one on the right.

  9. Totally agree! Why did I never think of the knot in the back before? That one on the left is calling to me… It looks so luscious!

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