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If I were a sweater, this is the sweater I would be

Improvised top-down raglan sweater knitting, how to

Feels a little funny to be showing you this sweater (again), given how many times you’ve seen it in various stages of knitting development and how hilariously basic it is. But of course I want you to see it finished and want to share (in summarized form) its particulars. So here we go:

– Gauge is 3.5 stitches and 5 rows per inch; yarn is Queensland Kathmandu Chunky

– On US10 needles CO 48 stitches, marked off as follows: 1 | 2 | 6 | 2 | 26 | 2 | 6 | 2 | 1

– Worked back and forth to shape the neck, with increases as follows: On right side rows, increased (kfb) on either side of each raglan seam and at each end (front neck); 10 sts increased each time

– Continued in that manner until piece measured 2 inches deep = 36 back sts and 10 front sts at each end (total of 20 front sts)

– Next row, cast on 16 sts to bridge neck (bringing front total to 36, same as back); joined for working in the round

– Continued increasing at the raglans (total of 8 sts) every other round until 4 inches deep, then spread out the last of the increases to third, then fourth, then fifth rounds — stopping at a total of 116 body stitches (58 front and 58 back) and 34 stitches per sleeve section (counting the seam stitches, which would eventually be divided equally among the 4 sections)

– Worked without any further increases until yoke depth was about 9.5 inches

– Had paused to knit the neck when the yoke was about 4 inches — picked up 80 stitches and ribbed 1×1 on US9 needles (probably should have used 8s)

– Divided body and sleeves — cast on 8 stitches at each underarm; put sleeve stitches on waste yarn

– No decreases in the body; worked straight until the waist, then increased a few times to maintain my ease over the hips; hem is 1×1 ribbing on same US10 needles (didn’t want it to cinch in)

– Sleeves were worked straight until the forearm, then decreased 3 or 4 times; cuffs are 1×1 ribbing on US8 needles

– Wet blocked and, when air-dried until just slightly damp, threw it in the dryer for 10 minutes

– Finished dimensions, post blocking: Length 24.5 inches; chest circumference 38 inches, about 2.5 inches of positive ease; armhole depth 9.5 inches; upper arm circumference 12 inches; sleeve length (from underarm) 16 inches.

For the same sweater in blow-by-blow detail, see my complete top-down sweater tutorial, for which this was the demonstration sweater.

(Also on Ravelry here.)


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