Knitter’s delight: Beautifully textured hats

best textured hat knitting patterns

Seems like I can’t go five minutes lately without bumping into a marvelously textured hat pattern. (Some new; some new to me.) I’ve been starring and liking and repinning them all over the place, so it seemed like a new roundup was in order. Here are a half-dozen standouts:

1. Acorns by Melissa LaBarre, large-scale geometric stitch pattern, includes both worsted and bulky

2. Guillemet by Emily Platzer, slouchy, chevron-y, worsted and wonderful*

3. Sitka Spruce by Emily Wessel, aran-weight beret with more great geometry (I love this unblocked grey version)

4. Advanced Beanie by Gralina Frie, aran or doubled sport zigzag fun

5. Manhattan #1 by Thea Colman, dk or doubled fingering, the gorgeously Deco pattern sold together with …

6. Manhattan #2 by Amy Christoffers, which is just an absolute show-stopper

*I know I just mentioned this the other day but since it’s my favorite recent hat, this roundup wouldn’t have been complete without it. I’m casting on as soon as I finish my sweater.

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