Did you hear the one about the hat that swallowed the knitter’s head?

giant stockinette hat

This is a tale about being careful what you wish for—

I’ve been knitting up a bunch of all-stockinette hats at different gauges, for visual-aid purposes. And when it came to the chunky-weight installment in the series — for which I used some Cascade Lana Grande — I thought I would emulate this simply adorable hat. (Which, unfathomably, is knit flat and seamed. I obviously am not doing that.) I wanted this one for my very own, and thought with the density of it and the lack of ribbing, I could size it so it would simply sit down on my head and not smash my hair. Right? Well, I made it exactly the size I set out to make it, and when you gaze upon it you can only wonder what Hulk-sized human I had in mind.

It may not wreck my hair, but it does wreak havoc on my line of sight.

giant stockinette hat

Time to do a little felting …


(By the way, that’s the denim Wiksten Tank I made during my brief sewing spree a few months ago. It’s my current favorite layering piece.)


6 thoughts on “Did you hear the one about the hat that swallowed the knitter’s head?

  1. Karen! Now that is “a look”…maybe you could start rolling your hair in curlers, then run errands while wearing this hat, who would know? Have you felted it yet…how did it turn out? I practically spent the better half of yesterday felting slippers! 2 pairs down, 5 more to go…

    • It’s hilarious that you said that, Meg. I keep putting it on over my little bun and pointing out to people that I look just like it’s the 60s and I’m going out with my curlers covered. (It’s actually pretty cute that way! Well, I think so, anyway.)

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