Walpole chunky

walpole cardigan modified for chunky yarn

This time last Friday, at Stitches Midwest, I was in another Barry Klein class — this one about fit. During our lunch break, I happened to buy a bag (10 balls; half price!) of Kathmandu Chunky in a lush grey tweed. And it occurred to me that what I wanted was to convert that lovely Walpole cardigan pattern (by Hannah Fettig for Wool People 3, which I already had on my iPad) to work with this yarn — and that I had the perfect opportunity for Barry to check my math. So I quickly swatched it up on a couple of different needles, got my stitch and row gauge, and talked through the basics of the pattern with him as he mapped it out on his giant notepad.

Late that night I cast on and knit two rows. Saturday night I started over! (I’d overlooked one tiny detail in calculating my cast-on count.) And with this in my bag, Sunday was one of those rare travel days where I didn’t mind so much that it took me hours upon hours to get home.

walpole cardigan chunky modification math

So far, the pattern is pure pleasure, as is the yarn. I can hardly wait to spend some more time with it this weekend. As always, I’d love to hear what you’re all up to …


13 thoughts on “Walpole chunky

  1. I think you just found me my first cardigan project! I love the Walpole, thank you! There’s no way I’m ready to convert the yarn in a project yet, so I cannot WAIT to see the Walpole in this gorgeous yarn. Have FUN! Thanks again!

    • Oh, well then get started and we can do it together! Meg also bought yarn for it (fingering weight) at Stitches and I’m wanting her to cast on as well.

      • Just downloaded the pattern, yay! Gonna go yarn shopping tomorrow. I’m scared of it, lol…but excited to try something totally new to me. I’m so glad you posted this today, Karen. I just finished the Guernsey Wrap from Brooklyn Tweed, and that pattern was written so well that I was confident I’d understand the Walpole. My first sweater! SO grateful for the inspiration!

  2. Well, I just took a sweater out of hibernation. I didn’t realize I had gotten so far on it. It’s a sweater I’m making for my son with beautiful yarn-Tilli Tomas Pure and Simple 100% Spun Silk. Black- natch.

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